“The internet is awesome, but it is not magic”

Adam Lundquist of Nerds Do It Better has brought some seriously unique insight into our lead generation funnel. We used to run classic campaigns, turning Facebook Ads on and off, combined with a sack-load of trial and error. Then, we brought on the Nerds Do It Better team and it changed the way we market.

Not only are our leads better, but our strategy makes sense to us! Why would someone buy your biggest product when they don’t even know you? I can’t even commit to which wine is my favorite. Don’t make me buy a barrel! Don’t force potential clients into a major yes or no answer. There are small “asks”, such as free trials and small projects, that show them that they can trust you. (Tweet it!)

Adam understands systems and how to make ads work for each unique business. Here are some key points that should be followed:

  1. Go on a date before you get married- Have them commit to a small “try it out” kind of yes before they commit to a “100% absolutely!” kind of yes. It makes the onboarding and sales process easier for both sides.
  2. Provide value from the start- Everyone in the online realm is asking something from you, show potential clients that you are someone who gives and truly care about your work. They may sit on the sidelines, watching your content from afar. Rest assured, when they need your services, they’ll jump right in.
  3. Niche down!- Funnel and advertise accordingly.

Our brief 20-minute interview is jammed packed with industry insight and action items for you to implement today! If you want to see more gems from this action-packed event, click here. To get systems in place and better understand your niche, start with our SOP Template.

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