Online entrepreneurs are hustlers. You’re GOOD at what you do.

Our mission? To help you scale it.

For many, scaling brings upon feelings of pressure and frustration, but (here’s a secret) it doesn’t have to!

If you’re a creative entrepreneur who’s ready to scale their online biz to the next level, you KNOW you can achieve more success in your biz…with systems & a solid team!

Online entrepreneurs are hustlers.
You’re GOOD at what you do. (Tweet it!)

The problem? Many creative entrepreneurs get hung up on systems. Because systems… They’re not so sexy.

But I’ll tell you what is sexy. A crazy-loyal team committed to your mission & vision. Days spent exclusively in your zone of genius while your team takes care of the rest. Time off. Room to grow.

I’d like to take a moment to shine a spotlight on one of our former clients, Adam Lundquist.

Adam Lundquist is the founder of a marketing agency called Nerds Do It Better. NDIB was founded on his love of sales and tech creativity. Soon, he went to work creating SOPs, then made his SOPs work for him! (need help to start an SOP? Try this)

From the day he opened up shop, Adam confidently led his team. His successful agency quickly hit a ceiling! – He was a victim of his own success. Before he knew it, he had become a bottleneck in his business. The only way to open the tap of revenue and success? Systems.

Over six months working with Sarah Noked OBM & his designated OBM, Galia, Adam went from turning away clients to doubling his client list PLUS taking vacations.

Here’s how Adam did it:


Nerds Do It Better was, by many definitions, a success before Adam found Sarah Noked OBM.

He enjoyed managing the sales and innovation for his agency but noted that he was losing his ability to do that. His days were taken up by so many little tasks, that by the time the week was done, he had no time to attend to the parts of the business he loved.

”I was spending all of my time doing small tasks that were necessary, but shouldn’t have been performed by me,” says Adam.

Business was profitable, but he couldn’t take on new clients.


Adam first came across Sarah Noked OBM by enrolling in Team Growth Formula. He recognized that his yellow brick road was paved with systems.

1. So much of his business was recurring daily tasks. Adam set up a blitz of SOP generation. First, he had one, then two, then three of his team members create SOPs around everything he did.

RESULT: As a system was created, it was taken off of his plate – freeing up his time little by little.

2. Making time to create systems: Adam was so sure and so focused on systems that he stopped taking on new clients in order to get his internal system structure in order.

RESULT: Each future client would be handled in a systemized manner – leading to happier clients and a more streamlined process.

3. With the help of TGF, Adam realized the need for a Project Manager and other specialized staff.

RESULT: With clear systems in place, Adam was able to take a step back and finally view his business structure critically. Now, he could see how all the pieces were moving and where a bit of ironing out was needed.

But how to find the right person?….


Adam loved Team Growth Formula and devoured it together with his team! During TGF, he hopped on a call with Sarah and realized that with the help of her superstar OBM team, he could get his business in order in a fraction of the time.

1. Step 1: A Getting Down to Business Strategy Call to figure out which specific parts of his business need attention.

a. What systems are lacking?

b. Where is the company losing money?

c. Which roles are missing or currently vacant (if any)?

RESULT: Focus on the team and empowering them!

2. Step 2: Deep audit and analysis of the company’s zone of genius and the powerful asset of human capital.

a. Originally wanting to hire on more staff, Adam jumped on a strategy call with Galia and agreed the best plan of action was to audit his current team.

b. Are there any automation rockstars waiting to break free?

c. Was someone waiting to step up?

RESULT: Clarity on the valuable assets that the company already holds

The Nerds Do It Better team is amazing! But are people in the correct roles?


Time to implement systems and ramp up automation! Adam was due for a big helping of free time. Now that he had OBMs in the house, his staff was eager to be given new roles.

Get out your SCUBA gear! 

1. Meet with each team member

a .How do they really see things? What is their day like? What do they want for the company?

b .Pro tip: An employee who understands the company’s vision will give honest, constructive criticism and often tell you what responsibilities they want to take on.

RESULT: Valuable input from the people who know what is needed.

2. Two of the team members, tasked with creating SOPs before, were true hidden gems!

a. One had a background in Client Care who was gold at interacting with clients on a day-to-day basis

b. Another was a Virtual Assistant who wanted to join the ranks of biz-morphing OBMs. She was reassigned as a Project Manager!

RESULT: A better team and time saved on a new hiring process

3. Keep some team members tasked with SOP creation, but with more direction, focus, and purpose.

Now that a Project Manager was in place, not only are tasks ready to be reassigned but the overarching responsibility for them as well! The new project manager:

– Set up automations

– Created SOPs

– Defined team roles

– Managed tasks

– AND gave Adam unique insight

Adam was free! He began this journey looking to automate and take tasks off of his plate. Now, he not only passed on his tasks but had someone ready to be accountable to them as well.

So… What does free time actually look like?


Nerds Do It Better now has systems in place. Adam passed off all recurring tasks to various team members but kept what he loved (sales and website creation!). He had less stress, clearer vision, and was better able to guide his team.


  1. Doubled his client base
  2. Took a vacation with his family
  3. Took ANOTHER vacation with his wife

Online Business Manager’s Reflection:

“Adam was an incredible client to work with. He recognized the need for systems and was able to convey his understanding to his employees. We brainstormed, systemized, and streamlined his business in a way that would have been unrecognizable to the Adam of the year before.

He invested in his staff and listened to their input. This allowed for a pleasant OBM / client experience. Ultimately, systems gave him the freedom in his biz to be happy and grow.”

– Galia Tsioni, Certified OBM at Sarah Noked OBM


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