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If you’re a creative entrepreneur who’s ready to scale their online biz to the next level, you KNOW you can achieve more success in your biz…with systems & a solid team!

The problem? Many creative entrepreneurs get hung up on systems. Because systems? They’re not so sexy.

But I’ll tell you what is sexy. A crazy-loyal team committed to your mission & vision. Days spent exclusively in your zone of genius while your team takes care of the rest. Time off. Room to grow.

Amanda Bucci is the founder and CEO of two successful online businesses: Amanda Bucci LLC and Fitness Online Coaching Academy. Before working with the SN team, Amanda was kicking ass online. But she also understood that she had made it as far as she could without systems. And in order to grow her team and scale her dream, documented systems was the only answer.

Over the course of 12 months with a Sarah Noked Online Business Manager, Amanda was able to achieve her long-held dream of earning $1 million in annual revenue.

But what does 12 months with a systems-minded OBM really look like? What are the deliverables? How will your team (and business!) transform with systems?

Here’s Amanda’s story.


Amanda and her team were hustling hard before coming to Sarah Noked OBM. Projects were completed, courses were selling, but the team was stressed.

All projects were happening last minute in face-to-face meetings and Slack conversations. And everything was happening in reactive mode! Team members were playing catch up to remember to do things and finish projects.

And most importantly, Amanda had fallen into a very common trap with her team. As the team grew, so grew the frequency of team meetings. Almost every project and task in her business was moved along with the help of constant, daily team meetings.

Amanda came to Sarah Noked OBM for systems, but her OBM, Galia was able to identify an additional need almost immediately. Without dedicated team communication procedures and a solid policy for using a project management platform, Amanda was forced to micromanage (so not her style!) to stay in the loop with her team and ensure projects were moving forward. She was losing precious time in her zone of genius – and her team was unable to keep projects moving without her.

The business needed dedicated department managers that could run every corner of Amanda’s business – resulting in a lower weekly touch point between Amanda and her growing number of team members.


During the first 3 months on the team, Galia got down to business systematizing processes so that Amanda’s team could grow and scale their efforts with less direct oversight.

And the results were powerful!

1. Team hierarchy strategy with Amanda and her current OBM to identify leaky holes and prioritize systems documentation for the months ahead.

RESULT: A clear, digestible plan of action for systemization of processes across departments + a hiring plan for management roles in each department.

2. Team communication systems & streamlining business foundations.

a. Streamlining the file sharing system (Google Drive)
b. Creating & training the team to follow foundational training SOPs (including team communication policies, how to use the project management tool, how to manage tasks in the project management tool, how to use the team Google Calendar, and how to track time)
c. Creating SOPs for team member onboarding & offboarding

RESULT: A central hub for team file sharing to ensure smooth collaboration, clear policies for keeping all work in a project management platform, and the ability to delegate team member onboarding & offboarding to a lower-level team member.

3. Direct management of the customer support team & documenting customer support SOPs.

a. Documentation of all customer support SOPs
b. Documentation of all payment management SOPs
c. Training the customer support team to work exclusively in Asana
d. Training the customer support team to follow SOPs and keep them current.

RESULT: A customer success team that functions without constant oversight, can make autonomous decisions on client issues, and collaborates exclusively in Asana – giving management the ability to drop in and check on projects anytime.


During the next 4 months, Galia took charge of hiring, onboarding, and training new team members while continuing to build department systems across the organization.

This is when things start to get fun!

1. Hiring & training 2 new course managers to project manage each of Amanda’s virtual courses.

a. Interviewing, vetting, and onboarding 2 new course managers.
b. Documenting management SOPs for each course manager to follow, including how to manage their direct reports in Asana, how to set monthly milestones & goals for their team, and how to manage tasks across their department.

RESULT: A solid “layer” of management between Amanda and the lowest-level team members.

2. Ongoing systems training of the 2 new course managers

a. Ensuring that management is not only following Galia’s SOPs, but continuing to create documented SOPs as the business & courses evolve. mana
b. Fostering a systems ethos in new team members to ensure systems creation remains a priority in the business – forever!
c. Overseeing the creation of Reporting SOPs for each course – including sales & KPI reporting SOPs

RESULT: Reduced need for Amanda to directly oversee the management
roles in her business on a daily basis.

3. Documentation of all financial SOPs

a. Galia working directly with the CFO
b. Analyzing current financial processes
c. Streamlining & automating financial systems (documentation, filing reporting, and bookkeeping).
d. Documenting SOPs for new streamlined financial processes
e. Training the CFO to use Asana for tracking recurring financial tasks.

RESULT: Fully streamlined and systematized financial systems for the win!


In her final 4 months on the team, Galia expanded the team further and created course delivery SOPs to allow Amanda to scale her team of course coaches and support more students (more revenue!!)

1. Hiring a Virtual Assistant

a. Interviewing, vetting, and hiring a new virtual assistant to support the course OBMs
b. Training the new VA to create systems & work in Asana
c. Handing over team member onboarding & offboarding resonsiblitities to the new VA

RESULT: Taking the rest of the “implementation” responsibilities off the plates of the 2 course managers – to keep them firmly seated in the management role for each course.

2. Onboarding a sales manager & overseeing creation of sales SOPs

RESULT: Sales is typically the FINAL responsibility a creative entrepreneur gives up when building & scaling a team. And Amanda was over the moon to say goodbye to sales calls!

3. Scaling course delivery

a. Working with the head coach of Amanda’s programs to document course delivery SOPs
b. Creating client onboarding SOPs (which sits between the sales system & the course delivery system)
c. Delegating the client onboarding system & management of the client support team to the virtual assistant
d. Finalizing the team structure and workflow

RESULT: No more balls to drop! From the first moment on a sales call to
the student receiving their program materials, every step and responsibility
is clear and DOCUMENTED! The chain of command is clear (and none of it
involves Amanda!)


Remember those draining, constant, daily team meetings that sucked all of Amanda’s time?

These days, department managers are responsible for delivering and setting quarterly goals, translating those goals into actionable tasks, and setting a monthly and weekly schedule for accomplishing tasks to achieve set goals.

And Amanda? She joins a single team management meeting every week. Each team member has 2 minutes to tell her what they’re working on for the week ahead. She knows what’s going on. She doesn’t have to touch it. And all that free time? She’s spending her time sitting securely in her zone of genius – creating amazing content for her community.

Now over to you: Ready to discuss how our OBM team can help you scale your online biz and start achieving results like Amanda? Join us for a free 30-minute biz audit today.


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