The biggest pleasure we get at Sarah Noked OBM, is when one of our clients realizes their DREAM!

We high-five your 5-figure launch, salute your 6-figure revenue mark, and destress with your boss-level delegation. But the best feeling for us is when you finally take that long-overdue vacation, all while your business makes money for you. Oh yeah!

Problem is, most entrepreneurs (and especially solopreneurs) only find their way to us after too many months of overwhelm, frustration and stagnation.

We get it! Admitting that you can’t do it all by yourself and reaching out to get help takes a big leap of faith.

Reaching out for help is a sign of strength and not weakness (Tweet it!)

It’s easy to get caught in the trap of thinking that you’re the only one who can truly understand the soul of your business and feel passionate about its success.

Meagan Wilson, the founder of Whole Family Rhythms, was in a similar position when she found us. Less than two years later, her incredible results speak for themselves.

5x Increased Revenue          6x Increased website traffic

And that’s just the beginning. Meagan is on track for her first ever 6-figure revenue year!

Here’s how Sarah Noked OBM & her designated OBM, Galia took Whole Family Rhythms and helped develop it into a profitable and influential player in the parenting world through an overhaul of their marketing strategy, business systems, and revenue growth plans.

The Need:

Meagan had a loyal following on her blog. She successfully sold seasonal guides and mini-courses on her website promoting conscious, connected parenting. But her business lacked:

  • Targeted media strategies (to build her list and increase engagement).
  • Automation for social media posting (to free up time while posting consistently).
  • Tech implementation to leverage her list and site visitors.
  • Sales funnel to maximise income potential.
  • Business systems to improve efficiency and facilitate delegation.
  • The development of alternative revenue streams (particularly those with a higher value).

As a solopreneur, Meagan was nervous about trusting someone else to take care of her ‘baby,’. Our dedication to getting to know her brand and audience put her at ease.

“I was nervous about delegating to an OBM before. Now I can’t imagine working without one.”

Meagan Wilson, Whole Family Rhythms

Phase 1: Create a marketing strategy with sustained engagement and increased sales

Meagan’s business had so much potential to help more families, but she wasn’t sure exactly how to go about expanding her reach (or have the time to think about it).

We put together a media strategy that would grow Meagan’s list without her having to spend more time writing or posting.

Development of an editorial calendar & social media scheduling focused on increased engagement

Leveraging Pinterest to broaden her community
Installing a Facebook pixel to better understand visitor patterns.

Utilizing Google Analytics to optimize engagement.

Automation of social media posting, saving time & increasing consistency.

Result: In February 2019 30,000 people visited the Whole Family Rhythms website. That’s an increase of 500% from when we started working with Meagan!

At the same time, Galia laid the groundwork for converting leads at a much higher rate including:

Migrating the email list to a more powerful CRM that could handle her growing business

Strategized evergreen funnels, focused on automation and sales

Built out that evergreen, lead-generating, funnel including Facebook ads, email sequences, and a robust tagging  strategy

Result: A surge in sales leads that led to an overall growth of more than 5x revenue.

“From setting up my email marketing and webinar automations, to running successful FB Ads campaigns, they’ve taken this off my plate.”

Meagan Wilson, Whole Family Rhythms

Phase 2: Implementation of systems to automate, streamline and facilitate delegation

Meagan’s business had systems, but they were not documented or automated so some tasks tended to slip when things got busy. We got to work creating SOPs for:

Recurring tasks

Creation & promotion of blogs

Social media posting

Lead management

Customer support & engagement

Result: Systemizing shifted Meagan’s business into ‘automation’ mode, freeing up her time and giving her the flexibility to delegate.  

Amazingly, by this stage, Whole Family Rhythms had grown so much that it was time to hire a VA and delegate the day-to-day off of Meagan’s plate!

Team Growth is our specialty at Sarah Noked OBM, so we oversaw:

✔ Identifying recurring tasks

✔ Hiring & training a VA

✔ Managing Meagan’s team

✔ Delegating tasks over to the VA

Result: Meagan has been able to concentrate on strategy and creation while her team carries out the day to day operations.

Phase 3: A business development strategy to increase revenue streams and create a more valuable offer

We now had a thriving media presence, a growing list, and a new team member to relieve Meagan’s overwhelm. Now, it was time to brainstorm ways of expanding her business by adding new revenue streams and increasing the value of her offers.

We got to work on:

Setting up an Amazon affiliate program on her website

Implementing a JV affiliate program to sell Whole Family Rhythms products

Building a paid membership site to provide consistent income and build a devoted audience

Result: Meagan’s dream to reach and influence thousands of families towards a more connected way of parenting (while earning an impressive income) has come true!  

“Accountable, diligent and creative.”

Three words to describe Sarah Noked OBMs, Meagan Wilson

Results Checklist

Boosted revenue

Increase in traffic & leads

Wider influence

Automated income with evergreen funnels

Systemized recurring tasks

Created an annual marketing calendar

Ramped up social media presence in Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram while reducing time spent on input

Hired & trained a VA, so Meagan can concentrate on creating

Add higher value revenue stream

Online Business Manager’s Reflection

“It was awesome to take part in the development of Meagan’s vision for her business – helping to clarify the strategy to get her there. Leveraging her strong audience and authentic messaging to increase organic traffic has been a knockout! Meagan’s influence and ability to help others has grown vastly. Honestly, I don’t think either of us anticipated such enormous growth! We’re currently considering whether to recruit another VA to her budding team.”

– Galia Tsioni, Certified OBM at Sarah Noked OBM

“The team at Sarah Noked OBM has run successful marketing campaigns for my business which has resulted in a huge increase in new clients, leads, and sales. On top of that, their transparency, problem-solving, and responsiveness gives me comfort.”

Meagan Wilson, Whole Family Rhythms


If this has inspired you to begin automating your recurring tasks to delegate them off of your plate, have a look at our SOP template and relieve the overwhelm!

How do you delegate and what is the one SOP you can’t live without? Let us know!


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