Are You Ready to Become An Online Business Manager?

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People ask me all the time “Sarah, how do I know if becoming an Online Business Manager is a good fit for me?”

This assessment will help you answer just that.

Truth is, becoming an OBM is not for everyone and I don’t want you to pursue this path if it’s not your best fit!

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Each section of the assessment represents an important element of working as an Online Business Manager.

Your results will tell you either:

– Yes – Your strengths & interests are a great fit for becoming an OBM (and I’ll share with you my recommended next steps)


– No – your results indicate that becoming an OBM is not the best fit for you at this time (and I’ll point you to some alternative resources instead.)

Results will be sent to your upon completion and if you would like further information, you’re welcome to submit your name and email address on the assessment completion page.

Let’s do it!