Are You Ready to Make Your Business Growth a Priority?


If you’re a Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager providing services to clients…

And you’re beyond maxed out, I mean, you couldn’t even bring on a new client if you wanted to…

But you still want to increase your earnings…

Keep reading, because you’re in the right place.


You Work Damn Hard For Your Clients!

Go you!

And your clients love you for it. They rave about you.

And the best part is, they often recommend you.

More clients, yay!


There are only so many hours in the day.

And if you want to continue to scale and grow your revenue, you either need to

….bend time and space…

….clone yourself…

Or you need to get serious about growing YOUR business.

You do it for clients, but what about YOUR business?

After helping hundreds of Virtual Assistant and Online Business Management businesses like yours, I know all too well what it looks like to fall head first into the “success trap”.

That’s because when I started off as a Virtual Assistant back in 2011, I was sure I had to be the one to do it all. After all, I’d be considered a FRAUD if my clients knew I was delegating the work to someone else, or growing a team-based business. Or so I thought….

To make matters worse, I was the only point of contact for my clients, and the only one running the back end. I had this sick, false sense of satisfaction when I fell into bed at the end of a 15-hour day.

And what I didn’t realize during those marathon 15-hour days was…

My rinse and repeat was putting me on the fast track to burnout!

Working weekends… on the table- of course!

Self care… backburner-ed!

But it was ok, because I was making more than I made in corporate… right?! (…no one needed to know I traded the 9-5 for the 24/7…)

In retrospect, I was making ALL 3 of the big mistakes that SUCCESSFUL VAs and OBMs make when their clients love them.

Maybe you’re feeling one (or all of these) right now:

#1 You’ve backed yourself into a corner

Sure, you’re working for yourself– check! But you’re working harder, and longer hours than ever. If you’re being honest with yourself you’d see you traded the 9-5 for the 24/7.

If you can’t take a spontaneous day off, or week’s vacation whenever you want, you’re not building the business that you dreamed of… you’re building another J-O-B for yourself.

Yes, you’ve got more clients and work than you can handle. Which is great, right? Except for the fact that it means your biz growth is at a STANDSTILL. You couldn’t take on any new clients if you wanted to — because you’re the only one around to deal with everything. You’ve become a victim of your own success.

What would happen if you had an easy, proven system to follow to help you bring on more clients, earn more, and live your life.

Would you take a vacation? Would you be able to relax and enjoy the benefits of working for yourself? Could you work fewer hours or take a vacation for a week without risking the stability of your client load and your family’s financial security?

#2 You Have Delegation Frustration

You’re performing every single task for your business, from blogging and social media, to bookkeeping, advertising, onboarding clients, and billing them. You’d love to hand off some of these tasks and concentrate on DOING WHAT YOU LOVE, but because you’re the only one who knows how you want it done, you can’t delegate.

You have ZERO systems in place that allow you to delegate even the easiest, recurring tasks in your biz. Hands up if you feel like you reinvent the wheel every time you onboard a new client.

And all of this overwhelm and stress leads to…

#3: Feeling Isolated AF

You’re all alone with no one to talk to. Hey, even your mom doesn’t even know what you do 🙁

You’ve got no one to talk to about difficult clients and new business ideas. You find yourself asking “offline” people for advice about the online world. They just don’t get it. So your ideas fall on deaf ears and your progress is constantly stalled. If only you had a community you could chat with on a regular basis and that community had someone who had all the answers to your questions….

And when I realized that I was making all 3 of these mistakes, I knew I had to do something about it, but before I could…

I Had a Baby and it all went to hell…

When I was pregnant with my first baby (I’ve got 3 now), the reality hit me: How in the hell was I going to make my business work with a baby on the way, let alone take time off for maternity leave???

Well, that scared the crap out of me! I spun into action, I started researching, planning and getting to work on developing my business.

So I hired my first team member…and it was kind of a disaster at first.

I made tons of mistakes.

And yet, little by little, I started to see things getting better.

We worked hard to put systems in place that let me step back to be with my baby…

And my clients ended up accepting and even loving the team members I brought on.

With each passing month, I was able to permanently delegate more and more of the “day-to-day” tasks in my business.

As time passed and my team (and agency) continued to grow, I was clearer on who I needed, what their tasks would be, and (warning: juicy tip spoiler) I learned the value of personality tests and test projects!

And over 7 years running my business and my team, I began to document my system, and people started asking how I had built my team.

So I decided to put together everything that I had learned into one incredible program….

Team Growth Formula

The program that gives you the ENTIRE system, strategies and everything you need for consistent five-figure months

We’re not just talking about documenting a few key Standard Operating Procedures – I’m giving you an entire playbook and community centered on helping you scale your VA or OBM Business. I’ll teach you the exact same methods I’ve used to grow my team, document my systems and scale in a way that sets you up for success and freedom in your business.

If you’re anything like the entrepreneurs I’ve helped in the past…

You don’t have time for bad hires….

You need an immediate solution that will help your team and business grow…

But also give you the tools for long term stability. So your can systematize your business with the same templates I use in my own Online Business Management agency.

Team Growth Formula is all about giving YOU the freedom to scale – by getting your systems, team and automations in order TOGETHER.

Here’s what’s inside:

You’ll Get: 5 In-Depth Modules


Lesson 1: The Planning Phase

  • Exploring your unique management & leadership style
  • Getting clear about the moving parts and pieces in your business
  • Finding the right team members who fit your business and your leadership style
  • Examining the systems you already operate on – but can’t yet delegate

Lesson 2: Laying a Strong Foundation

  • Implementing a project management platform that your team will thrive on
  • Establishing roles and responsibilities
  • Building systems in a team based business
  • Organizing your systems for smooth team operations

Lesson 3: Building Walls

  • Building the 5 main systems every online business needs
  • Marketing Systems (maintaining a steady flow of leads & communicating a clear brand identity)
  • Sales Systems (developing and nurturing leads into paying clients)
  • Delivery Systems (onboarding clients and delivering on your promises)
  • Support Systems (the systems that prop up all other systems in your business – the foundation!)
  • Growth Systems (the systems that scale your business)


Lesson 1: Who You Should Hire Now

  • Getting clear on your personal zone of genius in your business
  • Hiring for the tasks you hate doing
  • Hiring for the tasks that suck time away from revenue generating activities
  • Hiring team members who can grow with your business

Lesson 2: Business Mindset

  • Treating your business like a business – NOT A HOBBY
  • Spreading risk in your business with multiple team members
  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • Building a hierarchy of responsibility within your team

Lesson 3: Setting Expectations

  • Communicating your expectations to your team
  • SOPs as unspoken expectations
  • Fostering a systems mindset within your team
  • Building a fully accountable team

Lesson 4: Letting Go

  • How to overcome the solopreneur mindset and just let go
  • Making room for mistakes and failures
  • Challenging your team
  • Making your new-found free time PROFITABLE


Lesson 1: Job Posting & Page

  • Marketing the position you’re seeking
  • The key components of a great hiring page
  • Testing prospects from the first step of the application process
  • Screening applicants

Lesson 2: Conducting an Interview

  • Clearly communicating what your business is all about
  • Key interview questions to ensure you find the perfect fit
  • The 2-step interview process
  • Salary negotiations

Lesson 3: Test Projects

  • Creating the perfect test project for the role you’re seeking
  • Getting clear on the results you’re looking for
  • Evaluating test projects
  • Reviewing a test project with a potential hire

Lesson 4: Personality Testing

  • Finding the perfect complement to your strengths
  • Finding the perfect complement to your weaknesses
  • Finding the perfect complement to your current team
  • What matters and what doesn’t


Lesson 1: Onboarding Like a Boss!

  • Introducing your new team member to your current team
  • When to introduce your new team member to your clients
  • Email, messaging, and project management introductions
  • Systems debrief for your new team member

Lesson 2: Training Systems

  • The length of your training period
  • Your training SOPs
  • Training your new team member to create new SOPs
  • Face-to-face virtual training meetings

Lesson 3: Reporting and Communicating

  • Time reporting
  • Progress reports, BODs, and EODs
  • Your biz communication policies
  • Reporting expenses, commissions, and vacations


Lesson 1: Your Tribe

  • Engineering your team’s unique culture
  • Your policy around drama & gossip
  • Team building events & exercises
  • Building a culture of accountability and team loyalty

Lesson 2: Performance Review

  • When, where, and how often
  • Praise & constructive criticism
  • Negotiating pay raises
  • Challenging team members to take on more responsibility

Lesson 3: Rewards and Incentives

  • Rewarding individually and as a team
  • Birthdays, holidays, and life events
  • Praising team members publically
  • If & when to implement commission based incentives for certain team members

Lesson 4: Parting Ways

  • The 3-strike policy
  • Communicating with team members on poor performance
  • Firing gracefully
  • Offboarding team members from your business

With Team Growth Formula you get….


Grouped into 5 modules. Everything you need to hit the play button on hiring your team, streamlining the backend of your business and setting yourself up for growth
($997 value)


I’m taking you behind the scenes of how I set things up. I’ll hold you hand and show you how to make this work in your business. 
($497 value)


This course is designed to get you into action. I want you to be able to leverage everything you learn immediately and practically.
($397 value)


These systems and templates are the product of tons of time and thousands of dollars invested my own business. I’ve been told that this alone is worth the price of admission ALONE. They Systems Vault holds the keys to team retention, satisfaction and the confidence to do their job right.

The vault alone will save you TONS of time, money, and effort to get your own systems up and running where myself and my team have done all the hard work. ($3000 Value)

Plus these Bonuses

Bonus 1


(Value $297)

You’ll get private access to our Members Only Facebook Group for a year where you’ll meet other entrepreneurs who are on the exact same journey that you are You’ll be able to collaborate, share your progress, and troubleshoot challenges 24/7.

Need another pair of eyes of something? Want to ask a question? You’ll get answers, feedback and tons of support from fellow students, and from me and my team, on all the hurdles you face as you move through the program and take action to grow your business.

This is an exclusive opportunity to network with your VA and OBM peers.

Bonus 2

Setting Client Expectations 101 Training: Making a Graceful Transition to a Team-Based Business Without Losing a Client

(Value $197)

You’ve been at it for a while now. Your clients love you and you’re kicking ass in their businesses. But how do you gracefully transition from being their only point of contact when your team starts taking on more responsibility in your biz?

Building your team is a rush, but take it from someone who lost a client or two in their own transition to a team-based business, you need to handle this process with kid gloves.

I want to share my hard-learned lessons, so that when your team is ready to rumble, your clients are just as excited as you are! In the live training, we’ll discuss:

  • How to broach the subject with your current clients
  • When the time is right to allow contact between a team member and a client
  • Keeping your website current so that new clients know they’ll be working with a team
  • How to let go of control!

Bonus 3

Masterclass Recording: How to Woo Your Ideal (High-End) Client and Charge Premium Pricing

Value ($297)

We all share the dream of the ideal client – someone that values your work, prefers quality over quantity, and pays big bucks! Seem like an unrealistic fantasy? In this bonus session, I’m gonna show you how to make it real. In this live bonus session we’ll cover:

  • The pitch: How to position yourself as a high-end service provider
  • The package: How to build a “perks and privileges” premium package to attract VIP clients
  • The price: How to charge enough to reflect the quality of your product without losing potential clients
  • The service: How to ensure your team gives consistent, first class service, so your premium clients stay long-term

Are you ready to start experiencing the freedom & flexibility you signed up for when you started your online biz?

As a reminder, you’ll get:

  • 5 in-depth training modules inside your private learning area, with over 18 lessons ($997 Value)
  • 6 video tutorials ($497 Value)
  • 5 worksheets ($397 Value)
  • The Systems Vault ($3000+++ Value)
  • BIG BONUS #1: Team Growth Formula Private Facebook Community ($297 Value) for a year!
  • BIG BONUS #2: Setting Client Expectations 101 Training ($197 Value)
  • BIG BONUS #3: Masterclass Recording: How to Woo Your Ideal (High-End) Client and Charge Premium Pricing Value ($297 Value)


Yours today for just $697


Access to all the course modules and bonuses


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Access to all the course modules and bonuses- with a convenient payment plan.

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Here’s what my Alumni Students are saying:

Holly Jensen

As an OBM ready to take the next steps in my business and grow a team, Sarah’s Team Growth Formula was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time.

Teresa Cleveland, Online Business Manager

The TGF course delivered much more than was promised. Sarah was completely accessible and addressed other aspects of being a business owner as questions arose.

Polina Ostapenko

I’m so glad that I joined Sarah’s Team Growth Formula course, because it made my dream a reality – I know exactly how to finally transition from being a solopreneur to a business owner.

Evelin Turner

Sarah is down to earth and easy to learn from, I love how genuine she is. If you are looking to build a team and do it in a sane way this is the program for you.

Billie Gardner

Sarah is such an inspiration! Her energy is contagious and she really knows her stuff when it comes to scaling a business and creating systems.

Roxanne Oates

The Systems Vault bonus is pure gold, it’s beautiful and effortless! Being able to plug that into my business (and my client’s) directly allowed

A 30-day money back Guarantee

I am 100% confident that my strategies will help you ROCK team growth in your online biz, so I’ll put my money where my mouth is and give you the reassurance of a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

How does it work? Simple — if after the Team Growth Formula concludes, our systems and strategies do not help you to hire and grow your dream team, and you meet our simple criteria — we’ll refund your investment.

Here are the conditions — watch each training and take action. Yes, you’ve got to actually consume the thing you’re going to invest in. You can do this, I believe in ya.

Second – participate in our private Facebook group so you get the support and encouragement to succeed. Those are real people posting, sharing their fears, frustrations, and triumphs. Being active in that group will only benefit you. Don’t be shy, we’re all in the same boat and you’ll make important connections there with people that may become your peer network.

So watch the training, take the action, and participate in our Facebook group. And if you do all of that, you’re guaranteed to succeed, or I’ll give you your money back.

I’m committed to your success and keeping you accountable to your investment on this 6-week journey. But come prepared to roll up your sleeves and get to work ON your biz instead of IN it!

Questions? Look here

Q - I’m just getting started. Can I still do this?

What I lacked were the systems, the strategies, and the confidence necessary to take that plunge, which is the foundation of this program. You don’t have to be in biz for yourself for 2 years to learn the skills you need to start experiencing freedom & flexibility as soon as possible! In fact, that’s the reason why I created this course!

Q - I already have a team. Should I join?

If you’re rocking a team based business and feel confident in your team’s abilities on a daily basis — BRAVO. This course probably isn’t for you.

But if you’ve hired a subcontractor or two, worked with an assistant or part-time employee that didn’t work out, or you have a team that you know isn’t being leveraged to its full potential, I encourage you to join us! You’ll be one step ahead of the students who don’t have any management experience. But I promise that this course will shine a hot, bright light on what you’re doing right, what’s a total mess, and how you can use systems to streamline your team, start trusting them fully, and start experiencing real freedom in your biz.

If you have a team and feel like their babysitter — HOP ON BOARD!

Q- I’m nervous about being a manager. Is this course right for me?

I have met so many fellow service providers over the years who express those exact fears — I get questions all the time about where I got my confidence to manage a team of five. And here’s the thing — we all have it in us! We manage our clients and their projects on a daily basis.

But did I have a ton of experience managing a team before I made my first hire?

Was I nervous as hell?

Did I do it anyways and make millions of mistakes along the way?

But after four years on this online biz journey (full of hirings, firings, promotions, you name it!) — this course is FULL of my tried and true systems and strategies for doing it right the first time around.

Q- What if I am not a Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager?

I created this program original to help my Online Business Management Clients start setting up the foundations to grow and scale a virtual team, I’ll tell you this — it doesn’t matter if your are a course creator, a coach or a graphic designer. If you’re running a business online with a team (or team to be) scattered across the globe behind their computer screens you need the foundational systems and hiring tactics and strategies. The systems and team growth strategies you need to ensure your team functions at it’s most efficient and most PROFITABLE way are the same. And that’s exactly what we’ll be covering in this course. So pull up a seat!

Q - How much time will this take?

Creating and implementing these systems & strategies coupled with building out my dream team — took me 4 years. But these 4 years were FILLED with highs and lows, huge successes, spectacular failures, celebrations and setbacks.

I’ve distilled this course down to ensure that you avoid as many of the lows, failures, and setbacks as possible — and press fast forward through the uncertainty and self-doubt that can plague entrepreneurs as they build out their team.

You’ll need an hour or two every week to complete the exercises and implementation.

And, as with all things worth doing — you’ll get out of this course what you put in. These strategies will carry you into your next years of business with confidence. And I can promise you this — the extra time & freedom this course will CREATE in your life as you implement my strategies will FAR outweigh the time you spend implementing my strategies.

Need Help ?

If you need help ordering or have any questions or concerns about the course, please contact us.