If you’re an Online Business Manager, or are planning to be one soon, I know from experience that you’re basically a one person powerhouse. You’ve really got your shit together – you’re super organized, managing multiple client expectations at once and you’re simply a BAD ASS boss lady. Go you!!

I also know that running that powerhouse can leave your own batteries depleted. You need to take a moment to recharge and bust any feelings of overwhelm.

However, despite all of that, you can’t crush your desire for MORE. You want more clients, more revenue and someone to handle the small stuff so you don’t have to – and why wouldn’t you want all of that? You DESERVE it. Which is why you’ve decided to kickstart your own OBM Business.

But before you dive in headfirst, hear me out!

I’ve compiled a list of the 4 essential components you need to build a solid foundation in your OBM business, so that you can be ahead of your game and put some damage limitation in place. Let’s get stuck in…

1. Solidify your client relationships

The OBM community is growing faster than ever. That’s why it’s important to position yourself above the competition in order to secure great clients and ensure they remain loyal to you.

So you’re already working your butt off and showing your client that your work is high quality and super valuable to their biz – go you! Having a great quality output will always get you new clients. But making those clients stick with you for the long term is about so much more than just doing a great job.

Making sure your client’s overall experience is top notch is what’s going to put you ahead of the rest. I’m talking about having open and efficient lines of communication with your clients to make sure they feel like they’re being taken care of. Truly LISTENING to them by acting upon their suggestions and allocating time for them to give you that feedback in a personalised way (like on a Zoom call, for example). Or if you have a team working with your clients, putting solid agreements in place that make sure your service is TIGHT and consistent (more on this later).

Basically, make them feel like they’re your main squeeze – in a strictly business way, of course!

2. Be clear on how you work with your team

Growing a team can be fulfilling, inspiring and… exhausting. That’s why it’s super important to be clear on how things work from the get go – so that your team are happy and so that you don’t set your hair on fire trying to manage them firefighter-style.

Being transparent and developing a culture of mutual respect is what’s going to make your team more accountable. Communicating in an open and constructive way will allow them to feel more secure in presenting their ideas, which will boost their creativity and make them feel right at home in your tribe.

Training new hires the RIGHT way and giving them solid agreements like well-thought-out contracts ensures their role is correctly classified and gives that all-important security.

Using tech tools like Google Drive to create and organize SOPs allows you to easily delegate and lets your team clearly know their exact responsibilities and roles, which makes everyone’s daily hustle easier. Not to mention it promotes those warm fuzzy feelings of trust between you and them – the secret sauce for successful relationships.

3. Marketing online in the RIGHT way

If there was an online marketing bible, it would preach these 3 things: a kickass website, a solid content marketing strategy (emails, FB ads etc) and a snazzy social media presence.

Your website is the holy grail of marketing yourself as an OBM. You need to create (or hire a contractor to develop for you) a site that’s user-friendly, easy to read, interesting and makes your clients understand that you’re an irreplaceable and invaluable investment to their biz. The bottom line is: if you don’t, you’re going to lose customers. There’s also a ton of legal stuff that you need to watch out for (like GDPR agreements, privacy policies and disclaimers) which you need to be hot on so that you don’t sell yourself down the river – keep reading because I’ll go more into this later.

Taking a long hard look at your customers needs is what helps you develop a badass content strategy. You need to make sure you’re catering to the needs of those individuals and giving them what feels like a personalized approach – that’s what’s going to make them feel like you’re really speaking to their needs. And let’s be real – that, my friends, is what converts into that all important cash money.

If you’re not using social media – are you crazy?! First off – it’s FREE, which gives you no excuse! Second, it’s AMAZING for building up your brand identity, generating engagement and promoting your services in a more real and visually appealing way. That sh*t is what trends and gets your brand name out there.

4. Protecting your business and limiting liability

So you’ve got a roster of amazing clients that your super-efficient and beaming team are taking care of. Your website is ON POINT and you’re cashing in on your online marketing efforts. But then – something totally out-of-the-blue happens.

You get a letter which says you’re biz has been a victim of a data breach. Data WHAT?! Suddenly, there’s a bill for thousands of dollars sitting at your doorstep. You’ve never even heard of this before and you’re totally freaking out. What does this mean for your business? How are you going to get out of this? Why has this happened in the first place?

ALL businesses are vulnerable to risks – even online businesses. Just like you’d insure your car and your house – your online biz also needs the protection of foolproof insurance policies so that you don’t end up getting served hefty fines or risking the overall integrity of your business. I can hear what you’re thinking – “I work from home, why do I need insurance?” Well, it’s CRUCIAL for covering your ass if something unexpected arises.

So how confident do you feel in these 4 areas of your business?

Do you feel you need more help to nail these crucial elements or are you already bossing it like the fabulous OBM you are?!

If you’re the former – don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

First off I want to tell you that it’s INCREDIBLY important to consult the professionals where legal shiz is concerned. This is an area you can’t afford to make mistakes in and there should be no compromises in that area.

I understand that if you don’t know where to begin, this can seem like a big old headache and yet ANOTHER thing to add to your plate.

But what if I told you there’s a way you can get access to all of the legal help you need at the click of a button?

Not only that, but at the same time you’ll be able to learn how to CRUSH IT in those 4 key areas of your biz that we’ve covered today?

AND what’s more – that your solution has been crafted exclusively to support the legal needs of the professional Online Business Manager, by OBMs who know how your world works, but also by a qualified attorney who knows exactly how to help you legally bulletproof your biz.

Well – I’ve got exactly that for you. And I know you’re gonna want a piece of it!

Introducing – The OBM Legal Kit.

The OBM Legal Kit has been crafted especially for you, in collaboration with none other than Tina Forsyth (Founder of the International Association of Online Business Managers) and legal attorney Kelley Keller of the Keller Law Firm (a passionate legal and business educator who’s dedicated to helping small business owners and online entrepreneurs build a bulletproof brand). I’ve worked with Kelley for years now and not only is she a smart cookie, she gets the online world and makes legal stuff ‘easy to digest’.

When you purchase access to the OBM Legal Kit, you’ll get 5 modules of absolute gold that you can plug directly into your online business, a mixture of ready-to-use TEMPLATES and CHECKLISTS with instructional VIDEOS, so that you have everything you need to run your OBM business with peace of mind.

To give you a brief overview, you’ll cover how to ROCK the 4 things that are essential in building a solid foundation for your OBM business:

  1. Your Client Relationships – having solid agreements in place that covers all aspects of working together
  2. How you Work with Team Members – having solid agreements in place if you are growing a team of your own (as an agency or just subcontracting from time to time)
  3. Doing Business Online the Right Way – terms & policies for our websites, content marketing & social media
  4. Limiting your Personal Liability – protecting your business with incorporation and insurance

Check out what those who’ve purchased the programme say:

“I’ve spent almost as much money on a single contract as I did on this legal kit that includes multiple contracts AND helpful videos on how to use them and what they mean. Honestly, Kelly’s videos on how to use the contracts and what all the different pieces mean are worth the price all on their own.

I feel so much more confident in my contracts now knowing they were written for the exact work that I’m doing and not written for general online work.”
– Meghan Lamm , InspiredSolutionsCo.com

“I’ve watched all the videos and reviewed the templates, checklists, etc in the kit and it is beyond dreamy. (Full disclosure – I am a recovering corporate business leader and contract geek). It is truly a “soup to nuts” package that provides the key legal components for an OBM business. The trainings are well organized. Kelley presents clearly and in a very friendly, helpful (not lawyerly lecturing) manner. On the spectrum of legalese, the contracts are really understandable. For my business, the website/ social media and insurance modules gave me changes I need to make now to start out right.

I just wanted to thank you and Kelley for creating a package that has such huge value and at an amazing cost. In my market, I couldn’t get more than 1-2 hours of attorney time equal to the (early bird) kit cost and that might get me 1 or 2 agreements.”
– Carol Frankenstein, HealthyBusinessManager.com

You won’t find resources that are so specifically tailored to your needs as an OBM ANYWHERE else. Which is why I know you’re going to love this!

You can get all the information you need about this invaluable programme right here on the OBM Legal Kit web page (thank me later!).

Now over to you: How confident do you feel in each of these areas? What do you feel you need help with in order to start rocking them?

Disclosure: This blog contains affiliate links. I only partner with websites and platforms that I use on a daily basis and provide real value to my business and my team. No clicks for a quick buck at Sarah Noked OBM!


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