Hello, 2019. Is that really you? It seems overwhelming to compare where the agency was one year ago, to where it is today. It’s been a year of changing, adapting, learning, growing, and enjoying the ride!

New Offerings

The largest agency change was offering OBM Certification. I adore being an OBM so much that I had to share the love. I couldn’t wait to share my Online Business Management experience with budding OBMs, so in January of 2018 I kicked off The OBM Certification to some seriously positive enrollment.

Just one year later, the new cohort is at capacity! It has been a heartwarming experience to train students. Now these certified, successful, OBMs are changing the lives of their clients and helping others level up in The Confident OBM Facebook community.

For those of you who want to join, don’t fret! A new cohort begins just next quarter.

New Team Members & Roles

In the middle of the year, we received a resume for an OBM that I just HAD to say…no. C’mon he is a guy! Our agency is all about mompreneurs and ladypreneurs kickin’ butt and paving the way!

After my team persuaded (read: forced) me to reconsider, I’m happy I did. By now, many of you have had the pleasure of interacting with Rafi and have received insightful answers via many Facebook forums. His views have been molded by years of DIY marketing and retail sales. The guy understands consumer patterns, so feel free to tag him in your Confident OBM Facebook posts!

As if that wasn’t enough, Galia has doubled down on embracing metrics. There is nothing like intuition, but we can collect some metrics to guide our intuition, all the better! She has guided us to a better understanding of what our client’s need and a re-imagined how we gauge success.

More Consulting

Upon opening The OBM Certification, I realized how many OBMs out there were shaping the industry and redefining what it is to manage an online business. Online industries have changed so drastically in the last year that I find myself researching a new CRM or platform every week! I spend less of my time working directly with clients (thanks Galia & Rafi) and more of my day engaging with up-and-coming OBMs.

New Family Members

Last but not least, in September, our family welcomed our little Daniel into our home! This little guy loves to eat, sleep, and make guest appearances on all of my calls. Thanks to the systems I had in place in our biz, I was able to take a stress-free maternity leave! Upon my grand return, I jumped right back into a well-maintained biz. If you want to do the same, grab my free 4 Tools You Need To Scale Your Online Business


My ultimate takeaway from 2018 is the endless appreciation that I have you! Thank you to my client’s for always challenging us. We try to make it look effortless but you force us to put our heads together and keeping us working efficiently.

Thank you to our followers for supporting us, helping us, challenging us, and engaging with us. Together, we have all kept on top of the industry changes and are instantly aware of new tech to make our lives easier.

Here’s to 2019!



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