The working world as we know it has evolved since the COVID-19 pandemic swept across our planet. As a result, OBM services are being called upon more and more, in order to help struggling business owners adapt to this new landscape.

In a regular week, people usually ask me for recommendations for awesome Online Business Managers. But lately, things have really exploded! I’m getting TONS of requests from business owners who are desperately trying to adapt to the ‘new’ biz world.

It’s easy to think that given the current state of affairs, nobody is hiring. But it’s just NOT TRUE! Especially for OBMs and online professionals.

Many business owners are realizing the importance of having a killer online presence. At the same time, a lot of brick-and-mortar businesses are also trying to figure out how they can make them work in the online space. That’s why OBM services are more valuable than ever during this time.

Here’s a few reasons why business owners need OBM services now more than ever before.

Why OBM Services are needed right now

Pivoting existing offers and creating new, irresistible ones

In a bid to survive, many businesses are having to pivot their existing offers in order to ensure their continued success. However for some, the only way forward is to come up with a new future-proof plan altogether.

But a pivot done wrong can mean big disaster. With dwindling resources, increasingly limited cash-flow, and guidelines which change from day-to-day, these businesses need the help of a professional. Enter the amazing OBM, ready to swoop in and help save them from the deep end!

OBM services are particularly useful during this time. Not only do we have a unique knowledge of the online space and what it takes to create a business that survives in that landscape. We’re also a project manager, which means we’re able to step up to the mark and see this pivoting through to a successful outcome. We know how to manage all of the moving parts of these businesses, how best to move brick and mortar businesses online, and how to save them revenue in the long run. This is super important when facing the uncertain future ahead.

OBMs also bring a unique point of view to the table, one which sees things through the eyes of the online world. Therefore, we’re the perfect people to brainstorm with on creating new offerings that will help businesses stay alive AND thrive!

Creating systems for stable foundations

When implementing new ways of working, systems are super important for ensuring that all members of a team are on the same page. Implementing systems delivers consistency, predictability, and reliability within a business. And this ultimately reduces potential risks in the long run – something much needed in uncertain times.

With killer knowledge of SOPs, OBMs can quickly and easily train team members on new tasks that come up as a result of pivoting a clients services or creating new offerings. This will also free up the time of the business owner to concentrate on what they do best – being a visionary and generating revenue.

Systems also come in handy if anything unexpected is to happen to the business owner (like having to go into quarantine or even just taking time off sick). They can rest assured that an OBM is managing their team, and be safe in the knowledge that their team clearly knows what they’re doing.

Being a strong leader who will push things forward

OBMs are leaders. Leaders who can be trusted to respond in the midst of a crisis, and use this time as an opportunity to get ahead.

By auditing the client’s business, OBMs are able to decipher what resources are needed when pivoting or creating new offers, and take action to put those pieces in place.

Us OBMs can also help communicate the new strategic direction the business is going in to the employees and biz owner. We can ensure that the business and its people are aligned with the new ‘vision’ and make sure that this gets implemented in the right way.

As team morale might naturally waver at this time, an OBMs role as a leader is also important in this way. It’s up to them to motivate the client and their team and be the optimist. Because as an OBM, it’s you who has the expertise to turn things around for the better.

Are you ready to answer the call?