Creating a sustainable work/life balance is important for your health, happiness, and continued success – especially if you’re working from home. Finding it tough to get into the groove? I’m here to help you find your flow.

Working from home – it’s the new normal. Previously considered a lifestyle choice, it’s now become a necessity for many.

As an Online Business Manager, I can vouch for the benefits of having a work from home career. It totally transformed my life! Greater freedom, working in my comfort zone (PJ’s for the win!), and full flexibility to plan my day. These are just a few amazing advantages I’ve experienced since becoming an OBM.

Although switching to work from home is an attractive prospect, it’s sometimes difficult to adapt to this change in environment. It can be tough to set the boundaries between home life and work life, and this can throw us totally out of our “flow”.

This stands true for both new Online Business Managers pivoting their career, and those now forced to form makeshift ‘offices’ in their bedroom corner. It’s especially hard for those of us who are now juggling childcare with emails, and trying to find a quiet corner to hide in so we can hop on Zoom calls (does this place even exist?!).

That’s why I figured it was high time I shared some of my behind-the-scenes insights into my working life as an OBM. I’ll walk you through the ways I’ve managed to balance working from home as a mom and business owner, while still making time for me.

Watch the video below to discover:

  • My 6 juiciest tips for taking back control of your time, and mastering the elusive work/life balance
  • How to find your personal flow in alignment with your unique needs and lifestyle
  • Why S.M.A.R.T planning is the key to maximizing your business success (and your freedom as a business owner)
  • PLUS a behind-the-scenes look into my personal calendar, and how I plan my week as an OBM

Click on the preview below to watch now:

Here’s a rundown of what I cover in this video:

  • [01:28] Tip #1: Time Blocking
  • [01:57] Behind-the-Scenes Look Into My Weekly Calendar
  • [05:16] Tip #2: End-of-Day Routine
  • [08:44] Tip #3: Morning Routine for Success
  • [10:09] Tip #4: Managing Energy Levels
  • [12:29] Tip #5: Recognizing Your ‘Flow’
  • [13:29] Tip #6: S.M.A.R.T Planning

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